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ReBal Radius



Revolutionary Balance

The ReBal puts you on the balls of your feet allowing you to get your knees in proper position. From shooting to skating, posture is key. The ReBal gets you into an athletic stance giving you more power, smoother skating and even a harder shot from being correctly positioned and more balanced on your feet. 



Be Quicker

With the ReBal Radius you become quicker off the line and through the corners. Having less blade in contact with the ice means you can accelerate faster, pivot with more fluidity and ease your way through tight turns. 



Science Behind the ReBal

The ReBal Radius was created by Dave Konarowski alongside multiple chiropractors and professional speed skaters. The ReBal puts you on the balls of your feet and makes you quicker off the line and through the corners. Sacrificing a small amount of top speed for an impressive amount of agility, the ReBal takes you to the next level. From skating to shooting, the ReBal accelerates your game. 



J Bails.jpg

Josh Bailey, N.Y. Islanders

"I really feel the ReBal Radius has helped my skating. Since I first tried it, I haven't went back to what I was previously using. I really do notice a difference and feel better balance and faster."

Ryan Hams.png

Ryan Hamilton, Edmonton Oilers

"I started skating with the ReBal radius this summer and have very much enjoyed the change. I have never felt more balance, stride power and comfort on my skates. Thanks Dave and Crow's for your work and expertise!"

Mike Kostka.png

Mike Kostka, Calgary Flames

"I switched this summer to the ReBal radius and I absolutely love it. I have never felt so balanced on my skates and it has helped me make the transition to the next level in the NHL."

josh shalla.jpg

Josh Shalla, Nashville Predators

"I have been getting my skates done at Crows ever since I started skating. I trust them with every sharpening and ReBal radius I get. Best sports shop in town by far!"

Luke pither.jpg

Luke Pither, Almtuna Red Lions

"I've been using Crow's ReBal Radius and sharpening since I was a very young hockey player. Dave’s attention to detail while working with my skates, has always made me feel comfortable using their services. I feel this is key to getting an extra edge on the competition at any level."

Greg Nemisz.png

Greg Nemisz, Charlotte Chekers

"The ReBal Radius is a revolution for the game of hockey and skating in general. I have never felt so comfortable on my skates."

Fit Comes First

At Crow's Sports we guarantee a fit-first mentality across our entire team. With a hands on fitting approach we will guide you into the best product that is the best fit whilst maintaining your individual needs such as brand, preference and budget.


About Crow's

Dave Konarowski, founder

Originally run out of Dave's garage, Crow's Sports began as a skate sharpening pro shop. Over time and through many expansions, Crow's Sports is a hockey superstore located in Oshawa, Ontario, seconds from the 401.