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How to Clean your Hockey Equipment

How to Clean your Hockey Equipment

Hockey equipment can be expensive, so taking care of it is important for the longevity and condition of your equipment. So how do you clean hockey equipment?

A lot of stuff can be thrown in the washer, like most base layers, socks, jerseys, shinpad liners, etc. But for things that really smell, like gloves and skates, how do you clean those?

Using a sports specific deodorizer is a great start, like the ODOR AID Odour Eliminating Spray. These sprays will help prevent odour and bacteria, but this should be considered a preventative maintenaince rather than a solution to smelly gear.

Another great way to help prevent smells and bacteria is to use an Odor Pod, such as the Odor Magnet Footy Pods. The team at Crow's can personally vouch for these, they work amazing in skates, gloves, helmets, even workboots. 


But what if you need a smelly gear solver, rather than preventative maintenaince? Well, the solution is a FreshGear bag sanitization. 


A chemical free sanitization process, Fresh Gear is a solution trusted by many NHL and professional teams, as well as various police and firefighting agencies throughout Canada and the United States.

To get your equipment cleaned by our FreshGear sanitizing machines, please bring it to us dry and leave it for a day! We'll run it through the machine until it's clean, saving you from the havoc of smelly gloves and skates on a long road trip.


How much does Fresh Gear sanitization cost?

Each bag of gear costs $40.00 + tax for a cleaning


How long does a Fresh Gear clean take?

Each cycle is an hour, but we run it a few times depending on the bag & how smelly it is! For best results, please plan to leave your bag with us for a day!


Does Fresh Gear cleaning work?

Yes! Fresh Gear sanitization machines take the smell and kills the bacteria on your equipment, meaning it'll smell great and be clean.


Can I bring goalie equipment?

Of course! We can do both player and goalie equipment.


Where can I get my hockey equipment cleaned?

Bring it to Crow's Sports! We'll take care of the cleaning in our Fresh Gear sanitization machines. We're located in Oshawa at 253 Bloor Street East, just West of the Ritson and Bloor intersection.

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