Get top dollar value for your previously enjoyed hockey gear! Trade that gear in and get lower prices on the gear you want! We take skates, certified helmets, gloves, goalie gear and more!


Team Sales

Teams looking for sets of matching jerseys, socks, pants, shells, gloves and helmets look no further. We offer great pricing on team orders of equipment. Wondering if you can get a team set of a specific item? Email, call or message us and we'll let you know what we can do to help. 

Clean Gear

Stop band-aiding the problem with sprays and scented pucks! Get your gear sanitized with the Clean Gear Sanitization System! $30 per bag.



Green Project

Tired of composite sticks going in the garbage upon breaking? Us too! The Green Project allows them to be put to use. Bring us your broken composite player or goal stick and take $10 off a regular priced composite player or goal stick.