Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Goalie Chest Protector Senior

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  • New Pure Composite in all major impact areas
  • HD foams used for light weight and increased protection
  • New style chest pad straps
  • New chest design expands coverage area
  • Extended side rib cage coverage
  • New chest pad vertical adjustment system
  • Large back pad with HD foam over spine area
  • Large style shoulder floaters for maximum coverage
  • Large shoulder cap cushions provide increased impact resistance
  • HD shoulder with extension to increase protection in arm pit area
  • New design holds shoulder floaters square and secure
  • New V9 graphics and color scheme for more visual appeal
  • Kevlar ballistic package in chest pad for maximum protection
  • Designed for light weight and comfort with extreme adjustability
  • Segmented shoulder floaters with HD foam and Pure Carbon inserts
  • Mesh arm base adds ventilation and flexibility
  • New style flat front surface arm caps increase coverage area
  • Wrist straps to taper forearms to wrist
  • Arm floaters with deeper side profile adds to coverage area
  • Outer bicep extension pad
  • Deeper inside arm profile and protection
  • Arm floaters with new mid bar pad in center seam
  • Arm floaters with HD and Carbon inserts for added protection
  • Molded Zote foam and HD foam elbow caps
  • Adjustable arm length and positioning for precise custom fit
  • Available in two color schemes Black/White and Black/Blue
  • Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

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