McKenney Instinct 890 33"+1" Leg Pad

McKenney Instinct 890 33"+1" Leg Pad

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Made in Canada with the highest quality materials. 

The GP 890 “Instinct” pro goal pad design features a flat shin with enhanced flat knee sections for improved rebound control and greater pad flex. 

The “Instinct” goal pad has a new narrower side profile design which offers less bulk and lighter weight. 

A square inside pad edge, allows the pad to sit flat, vertically up from the ice while in the butterfly position, effectively blocking the bottom area of the net. 

This aggressive “butterfly” style goal pad design allows the goalie to utilize the maximum allowable blocking area both standing square to the shooter or down in a butterfly position. 

A full leg cradle creates an ergonomic fit and improves pad control and responsiveness. The use of ultra light materials minimizes weight while offering pro level protection.


  • 33"+1" 
  • Flat Knee Rolls
  • Tapered Boot
  • Angled Outer Wall
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